What is Spoonably Sweet?

Cookie Dough + Ice Cream = Perfection

Meet Our Founder


We're so glad you've come to visit us at Spoonably Sweet!  Our site is filled with delicious edible cookie dough that you store right in your pantry!  No need to bake or refrigerate - these are ready whenever you need a sweet treat!  Made with oat flour and coconut oil, using only the best ingredients - handmade and packed in small batches.  You can be sure that as much care and love goes into the making of these cookie doughs as you would give.  

We are committed to the best in customer service and if you need to reach me for any reason, please email to sheri@spoonablysweet.com and I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns!

Enjoy your visit!  Have a wonderful day!


"Just got my first shipment of Spoonably Sweet cookie dough and I almost did jumping jacks as I tasted this deliciousness! I can't recommend these products highly enough and I love the interesting use of ingredients like coconut oil and pea protein. I'm addicted, I'll be ordering more and not sharing with anyone! Great job Spoonably Sweet!"

Heather Cutler

"I’ve hated cookie dough for my whole life, but I decided to try this because it wasn’t just uncooked cookies. Wow! It tastes exactly like cookie dough, but I absolutely love it! My boyfriend, who loves cookie dough, agrees wholeheartedly. Every time I see Spoonably Sweet products somewhere, I’m gonna have to grab one or two...or three!"

Jacquelyn Zunich